Inventions of Jonathan Bannon Maher, featuring self-contained physics powered generators and motors, expected to provide output at a cost per kilowatt hour of more than ten times less than any prior or proposed energy system, as well as endless transportation range until system failure. Note that units of the inventions are expected to have a thirty year lifespan, and are not free to produce, thus do not provide for perpetual motion or free energy. The inventions are powered by and operate in a manner entirely consistent with the laws of physics.

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Invest: announcement, qualifications and instructions, requirements by state, offering memorandum (original, SEC filed), shareholder agreement, slide deck, invention endorsement, exclusive license (generators), provisional patents (1, 2, 3, 4)

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Videos providing an overview of the inventions, and a video demonstrating an aesthetic prototype of the magnetic repulsion generator, are available at vimeo .com/bannonmaher

Bannon Maher Magnetic Repulsion Generator

Magnets are arranged in two complimentary structures and insulated to direct magnetic fields to provide continuous rotation to rotate the axle of a generator to produce electricity. No electricity is consumed to produce electrical output (interactive 3d model).

Bannon Maher Leverage Generator

Force provided by hydraulics is passed through gears to increase speed to rotate the axle of a generator to produce electricity. Hydraulics may be operated by hydraulics for increased efficiency, bringing expected electricity consumption to less than 1% of production (interactive 3d model).

Bannon Maher Gravity Generator

Captures the energy differential when linear force provided by hydraulics is used to elevate water, while compounding force is provided by gravity during water drop, to provide rotational force to a turbine to rotate the axle of a generator to produce electricity (interctive 3d model).

Bannon Maher Buoyancy Generator

Buoyancy of water raises a buoyant weighted object without using energy, the object is then pushed into a chain connected compartment, providing force as it drops to rotate the axle of a generator producing electricity, object reenters the container to repeat (please note the CAD model is not entirely correct, see the patent for an accurate model - interactive 3d model).

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